September 10, 2013


home studio

new studio = home studio

August 2, 2013


100 Acts of Sewing article I am delighted to have an article about 100 Acts of Sewing in the August/September issue of Vogue Patterns magazine.

July 26, 2013

tiny world

Tiny Worlds My friend, the talented Mimi Kircher came to town for Renegade Craft Fair. She also taught a class, where we spent the day learning to make tiny world pin cushions.

June 1, 2013


wip You leave something so long, the undone becomes the undoing.

May 8, 2013


pin tucks Playing around with simple fabric manipulation.

April 16, 2013


in the dye pot Setting up an indigo vat.

April 3, 2013


March 30, 2013


first floor 100 Acts of Sewing at Lillstreet Art Center, on display until May 19th.

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